Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Install of Landmark IV: Manila Giclee in the US Embassy - Philippines

Castelli's Art Framing Shop
The Goldstein's Father & Daughter

Mario does an awesome job!!!


signing out

 off too Sacramento - DC and to the US Embassy in the Philippines

 I had to chance to meet the owners who run this cool operation on 6056 W Jefferson Blvd.
I am really happy with the results and the time they got the project done- really clean and smooth.
I was told, Mario one of the fabricators does an awesome job and he is indeed rad!!! I am really grateful and proud to have a piece residing at the US Embassy in the Philippines. Along the collection of Artist included are Leo Valledor, Carlos Villa and Ted Lincoln - people whom I admire and respect. Carlos Villa has been to me; a great Mentor, friend and many ways like a father to me. If he was alive today he would probably give me a warm smile and offer to get some breakfast at some divey filipino joint... and afterwards chuck a laugh. Carlos this one is for you. I miss you dearly and Love you!!!