Thursday, September 24, 2015

Commissioned Artwork: Venice Gondolas

I had an awesome opportunity to work on a commission piece for a client, JD from Florida.
He reached out to me because he purchased a gift a while back for his wife's anniversary and it was an artwork from a Collab i did with CB2, "One of a find" in 2013. 
He wanted to see if i can do more reproductions, but since it was a limited edition run and sold out i gave him the option of doing a commissioned piece instead. I normally don't do random commissions, but i am glad i did- it's nice to know that there's a part of you that they want to share in their personal space, a perspective they can enjoy on the daily and if an artwork can add to the warmth which they already have in their own home- i am for it.
His wife had photos from their vacation in Venice, a gondola gateway which seem very 
fitting since the piece they have in their home from CB2- is a urban landscape/skyline of
New York.

We decided on a image, got to work, made art & i'm
   really stoked how it turned out. 

Much thanks to the Hallam Family!!!
Venice Gondolas 2015